Frequenst Asked Questions

  • Do you charge for your first meeting?
    No, the first meeting is complimentary and is an opportunity for both parties to meet and evaluate the scope of work, review the Designer’s portfolio (or initiate the Design process) and discuss compensation.
  • How do you charge for your services?
    We have an hourly design fee and a mark-up on any product or service that is processed through our office as per contractual agreements or Change Orders made by the client.
  • Why do you have an hourly fee and a mark-up on the product?
    The Design fee is for time spent on design concepts, solutions and advice. There is a great deal of time spent on product selections, purchases, ordering, approvals, fabrications, deliveries, etc. Additionally, there is time spent on coordinating the entire process. The mark-up is our Contractor’s Commission to cover office expenses, salaries, overhead, etc.
  • Who will be working on the job?
    We are the employee that will be working on the job. All major trades such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinklers, etc. are highly reputable subcontractors that we trust and stand behind.
  • How long does it take to build?
    It depends. There are so many variables involved in building, construction and contractor time, we cannot give you an absolute answer. Our goal is to start your home within 30 days of contract signing and finish it as soon as possible.
  • Are you a member of any trade organization?
    Howard Okon Homes, Inc. is a member of National Association of Home Builders, Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas and Texas Association of Builders.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can call our office during normal business hours at 214-855-5521 or send us a message via our online contact form found here.